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We are slogo-titlemplify.

A crossbreed of innovation consultants and business designers. We help you master the age of complexity by reinventing yourself and by establishing a culture of real innovation. We bring in our teams from Silicon Valley, Berlin and Tallinn to let you thrive in an environment of disruption, while building an organization with true economic and social meaning.

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simplify breeds innovation

There is a reason we chose the traditional Chinese Tangram game as the symbol for simplify: We are changing the shape of your company to build a meaningful organization. But we don’t expect you to break yourself – all the right parts to be innovative and customer-centric are likely already there. They just need to be unleashed and rearranged.

To break your mold without breaking you, we offer two powerful tools:


The Corporate Innovation Sprint

What happens when we take a core team (of engineers, marketing and finance executives, product designers and sales managers) out of their “daily business” for eight weeks? What if we paired them with first-class mentors from Silicon Valley, Berlin or Tallinn?
Easy: You get the path to innovative new products, real digital eco systems, innovative services and future-proof revenue models. And maybe even a cool startup in Silicon Valley!
Want to know the details? Here they are.


The Organization OS Upgrade

How do optimize your corporate structure to guarantee innovation and customer centricity? How do you know if you should buy, cooperate with or found your own start-ups? How do you attract the right employees to guarantee disruptive ideas for the future?
Easy: You get s1mplify to analyze, re-strategize and project-manage the Operating System your organization runs on. And after 16 weeks, see your corporate agility, creativity and performance shoot through the roof.
Want to know the details? Here they are.

What we do

Corporate Innovation Sprint
Organization OS Upgrade

What Corporate Innovation Sprint is:

Our corporate innovation sprint is a unique eight week program based on the Silicon Valley principles of scale, cost and speed. Corporate teams learn, collaborate and develop prototypes in a fast paced, round-the-clock environment in distributed teams across two continents. The program consists of methods used by Google, Hyper Island, AirBNB as well as corporations and startups alike to answer crucial business questions through prototyping and testing ideas with customers.
It is a set of tools for collaboration, business strategy, innovation, behavioral science, customer experience, design and more to enable teams to create product and service innovations within a very short timeframe.

How it works:

  • We onboard your innovation team (R&D, executives, product design, marketing, finance, sales and others) in a eight week deep dive into team dynamics and leadership skills, collaborative working methodologies, and tools necessary to drive innovation.
  • We then launch our first innovation sprint by asking crucial questions and bringing top mentors on board to guide your team through the first week where they end up with a prototype and first customer feedback.
  • In the following two to three weeks your teams are split and one half is sent to Silicon Valley and the other half remains back in Germany. Both teams continuously spend their time in 12 hours shifts ideating, prototyping and talking to customers to test and refine their ideas. In addition, they meet local startups, mentors, innovators, and universities to learn from their experiences.
  • Feedback, findings, failures are being shared every day at the end of the day with the team on the other side.
  • The teams convene the last two weeks back in Germany to share findings, results and to finalize their innovation sprints.

What s1mplify provides:

  • Organization, mentoring, guidance
  • Access to mentor network and startups
  • Access to universities (LMU, Stanford, Berkeley, Singularity)

Resources you need:

  • An innovation team
  • 8 weeks of time

Your results:

  • Innovative (and already tested) prototypes that can be built and marketed immediately

What Organization OS Upgrade is:

Every organization has its own Operating System – basically determining the way “things get done here”. Such an Operating System is much more than holding vs. affiliate companies, joint ventures, internal org charts, rules, and so on… in also includes culture, the quality of teamwork, the way a company scouts for startups and new talent and much more.

This OS, pretty much the same as with a computer, runs the company as a foundational layer. The problem: Almost every OS of this type was designed over 100 years ago for a corporate world that no longer exists.

What companies need is an upgrade of their OS: A modern combination of policies, rules, structures, roles, skills and mindsets, designed to empower and transform any company to a “next generation company”:
Lean, fast, agile and constantly aware of both data-driven developments in the marketplace and the “soft factors” of shifting consumer expectations. Optimized for innovation and customer centricity. Cleverly balancing buying, cooperating with and founding its own start-ups. Highly attractive for top talent and inspiring loyalty and enthusiasm.

And that is exactly what our “OS Upgrade” does for you. Btw, in doing that we’re using the extraordinary OS Canvas, developed by the folks from The Ready, New York City.

What s1mplify provides:

  • Analysis and consulting on “status quo”
  • Leadership development towards the future, including team building and coaching
  • Improved organizational design (“OS”)
  • Charting the path to a new (more relevant) corporate self-image – without abandoning heritage and tradition

Your results:

  • Faster, more agile, more innovative organization
  • Participatory culture & employee engagement
  • Improved customer centricity at every level of corporate structure and governance

Who we are

simplify brings together technologists, designers, marketers, engineers and entrepreneurs.
But instead of boring you with flowery phrases about our common passion for innovation… let’s do a quick introduction of our key personnel:

Marc Frey

Marc is a a former journalist and veteran serial entrepreneur who’s collecting valuable experiences with startups and ventures since the mid 90’s. He’s a real early adopter and first mover in the Internet business and a Digital Nomad. He has been working in the management of several companies in the digital economy and is also certified and experienced as a change management consultant and Executive Management Coach. In this role he supports managers and entrepreneurs to change their organization design in order to benefit from the ongoing change in society and economy. He’s a networker and well-connected in the Startup and Venture Capital Ecoystem in Germany and abroad.

Isabel Hohlbein

Isabel is a young professional with a strong international business background in both fast-paced, dynamic startup & corporate environments in the US and Germany. She is passionate about brilliant ideas and fostering transatlantic entrepreneurship. At German Accelerator, Isabel has developed customized acceleration concepts and set up support programs for high-potential German tech and life science startups to enter the US market via Silicon Valley, New York, and Boston, acting as a liaison between long-term strategy and operational execution.

Helen Kokk

Helen is the UX / UI designer with over 10 years of experience, really passionate about entrepreneurship. Her specialties are branding and identiy, user interface UI, user experience UX, web and print graphic design and illustrations. She is a co-founder and mentor of YourDesignWorks and mentoring at Garage48 foundation.

Thorsten Linz

Thorsten is an accomplished leader with over 20 years of experience in designing and executing corporate and go-to-market strategies. He is an expert at leading business and technology innovation and has held multiple key digital and innovation roles at IPG Companies around the world. Thorsten is a graduate of Singularity University’s Executive Program at NASA Research Park in Exponential Technologies and Innovation, and holds a Post Masters Degree in Internet Technology from UC Berkeley. He is also a startup mentor and advisor at Google’s Startup Garage in Berlin and at Tehnopol Startup Incubator in Tallinn.

Marili Luuken

Straight from Estonia, the country with the biggest number of startups per capita in Europe. As a Project Manager she assures the smooth running of our corporate innovation programs.
She holds a Bachelor’s degree from Tallinn University of Technology and continues her Master’s studies in E-governance technologies and services. She has worked in a tech startup, Tehnopol Startup Incubator and Prototron acceleration program.

Markus Roder

Markus used to be a Stanford-educated advertiser who expertly made people buy things they don’t need with money they don’t have – while keeping them happy until they’re broke. That earned him a bunch of international prizes (i.e. 2 Golden Effies) and lots of headaches from cynicism overload.

At s1mplify, he sheds his former self and uses his near-magical powers to create real happiness: Everyday value for consumers and ROI for Marketers. Markus loves both human oddities and reusable rocket boosters (“Hello Elon, marry me!”).

Kristian Sägi

Kristian is an industry veteran with more than 20 years of experience of planning, executing and delivering sophisticated technology solutions for startups and multinational corporations. He has been involved in many successful projects covering online gaming, banking and HR Tech. Kristian is very active in the Estonian startup community, he coaches many startups and mentors entrepreneurs to help them to set and keep focus. He is passionate about everything with potential to make a difference.

John Sechrest

As lean coach and impact angel investor, John focuses on entrepreneurial and innovation efforts to develop new products and companies. He focuses on building tools, skills and processes to enable people to make a positive impact on the world. By connecting resources, people and projects and building feedback mechanisms into the conversation, he significantly impacts the people and groups he works with.

Vanessa Strobel

Vanessa is working out of our Menlo Park office, helping our teams globally to manage their day to day responsibilities with admin support.

Prior to joining us she worked in marketing and customer service positions for Pixar and Fox. She holds a Bachelors Degree from UCLA’s College of Letters and Science.

Christian Fenner

Christian has been deeply involved in entrepreneurship, intrapreneurship and digital transformation programs. He has himself founded and invested in tech startups and is heading a digital agency network he established in 2012 with 40+ employees. As CTO of simplify, he leads the development of the simplify online innovation platform which has been developed and operated in collaboration with Google, Volkswagen, MMM, United Nations and UNESCO.

Joerg Blumtritt — Advisory Board

Joerg is member of s1mplify’s supervisory board. He is CEO of Datarella, a company that focuses on technology development and data science. Jörg previously held many key leadership positions in digital media companies.

He is well known expert on topics like blockchain, IoT, wearables and predictive data and a questioned speaker at international conferences.

Ralf Greis — Advisory Board

Ralf is member of s1mplify’s supervisory board. He is the CEO of CompuSafe and held multiple positions as managing director for consulting companies. His emphasis is on sales and marketing, organizational and strategic development, change management as well as digitalization, digital marketing and digital business.

Ralf is a recognized sales expert with strong methodical and executional background in sales, management of sales and marketing, and change management (corporate development).

He is specialized in sales transformation that help B2B companies increase revenue, improve sales margins and gain market share by creating a trust-based customer relationship and customer experience.

Dr. Alexander Rossmann — Advisory Board

Dr. Alexander Rossmann is Chairman of s1mplify’s supervisory board. He is a Scholar with broad experience in digital business, social media, systemic change management, marketing, and solution selling. Particularly focused on developing companies to market-driven organizations, establishing links between the scientific and business community.
He held a professorship at the University of Reutlingen and is the General Manager of the Herman-Hollerith-Research-Center for Digital Business.


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