Corporate Sample Tour

Am I up to date? What’s the next big thing, in my life? Is my company “the next Kodak”? Do these questions sound familiar? Or are you just excited to learn more about the mythical Silicon Valley and get an understanding why this place that seems like a bubble is permanently bringing out companies and innovations that change industries dramatically? In our “flipped conference” – format, we want to introduce to very special personalities to help you gain an understanding how you could become the gamechanger in your space. We want to help you getting better in what you are good at, we want you to find the next chapter for your own development or the future of your company.

This is all about you and the conversations you should have to experience maximum impact from this program.

The program consists of:

1) Company visits
We will have a good mix of legacy firms (Google, Facebook, Western Union,…) and some lesser known startups and young entrepreneurs.

2) Meetups/Mixer
There is a lot happening. People meet and people talk. Be part of the community. Meet some interesting personalities “off records”

3) Academia
Gain an understanding of exponential growth strategies at Singularity University

4) Working environments
What’s an infrastructural prerequisite, if you want to be an innovative organisation that is ready to inspire your market…

5) Founders
All the big things started small. We will meet founders of startups, serial entrepreneurs who have found their sweet spot and the entrepreneurial adventure, they are burning for.

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