Innovation Tours

Silicon Valley Tours

This is how WE do it. No educational experience is complete without our famous Silicon Valley ecosystem tours. But we don’t take the usual bus trips to corporate campuses instead, we bring the best in business to you in flipped conference fashion. You network with exciting people and meet one-on-one with game-changers. This novel approach helps you explore new possibilities related to your own personal and professional development.

Corporate Tours

Am I up to date? What’s the next big thing in my life? Is my company “the next Kodak”? Do these questions sound familiar? Or are you just excited to learn more about the mythical Silicon Valley, and understand why this “bubble” constantly lures  companies and innovations that change industries dramatically? In our “flipped conference” format, we introduce very special personalities who help you discover how to become the game-changer in your space. We want to help you get better at what you’re good at, and find the next chapter of your own development or the future of your company. 

This is all about you, and the conversations you need to have to get maximum impact from this program. Check out our Corporate Sample Program Agenda and contact us for further details.

Innovation Sprint

Our Innovation Sprint is an invitation to come with a problem on Monday morning and return with the solution on Friday night.

It is a unique, one-week, fast paced program based on the Silicon Valley principles of scale, cost and speed, where we try to find answers for your crucial business questions.

Our bold promise: If we don’t connect you with the right people to help you solve your problem by the end of the program, we’ll refund your fees.