What We Do

"Innovation is change that creates new value"

We help executives transform their organizations and to be at the forefront of change in society, the economy, technology and customer behavior. We help you create a company of meaning and social significance.

Our guiding principles are: customer centricity, stakeholder engagement and true leadership. We believe in breaking down boundaries to create true value and achieve the true purpose of your business.

Our working mindset builds on the principles of the lean startup approach. We don’t tell you what works. Instead, we discover it together through an iterative process. Through data-driven experiments you learn your next move to develop innovative products and services.

To achieve your goals, we combine the best of both worlds: the speed, agility and disruptive innovation of start-ups with the continuity, quality level, depth of expertise and tradition of established companies.


Product & Service Design

Our approach ensures your development of future-oriented products and services based on customer-centric validation. We use processes inspired by Google Ventures’ Design Sprint, Eric Ries’ Lean Startup methodology and Ash Maurya’s Lean Stack all of which provide a structure to help teams quickly ideate, prototype and validate new products, services, and ideas.

Exponential Business Design

You will learn the methods, tools and gain the knowledge to quickly scale-up new business models. We use the techniques of successful Silicon Valley companies and startups to successfully utilize new technologies and establish a Growth Hacking Mindset. This creates new ways to identify and test innovative methods and generate continuous growth.

Organizational Design

We help you transform your company into an agile organization that profits from new skills and business models in a long-term, sustainable way. Our processes specifically designed and developed to assist teams within your company, help you to define purpose and create culture.

Workshops & Tours


Our workshops prepare you for the future. All our workshops rely on a combination of learning and participation using interactive formats. In this way, we impart the latest theoretical foundations–with plenty of practical experience–and simultaneously work on real challenges from your day-to-day business. We believe every workshop should create noticeable added value to your business.



If you really want to understand the success of Silicon Valley startups, you must see it for yourself. Tours to the Valley are on the agenda of many top managers today. We won’t take you on  bus tours through the Google or Facebook campuses. You won’t learn anything about how these companies innovate from a bus window. Instead, at our “Flipped Conferences” you will meet exciting creators and network with the game-changers of today and tomorrow to discover and experience new opportunities for your personal and professional development.


Who We Are

We help businesses master the age of complexity through reinvention and by establishing an innovative culture. Our teams help you thrive in an environment of disruption by, while building an organization with true economic and social meaning.

Simplify’s team of experienced and seasoned entrepreneurs, ex-managers, coaches and specialists meet our customers’ challenges in an ever-changing world. Our international network from universities, companies and startups brings expertise, to specific tasks.

Our Mindset

We help businesses create economic and social value.

Customer Centricity

We build customer-centric businesses by helping organizations to overcome the obstacles of innovation.

Business Models

We develop scalable and competitive business models.

Data Focus

Learn how data can help inform you successfully take your next product to market. You will learn how to perform data-driven experiments to learn what customers want.

Culture of Innovation

We establish a culture of transformative leadership and team ownership to stimulate innovation.


Meet our Team

Our team has worked together on many innovation projects.


Factory Berlin
Lohmühlenstraße 65
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Silicon Valley Pad
1250 Borregas Avenue
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