Silicon Valley is the world’s hottest spot of innovation, entrepreneurship, and game-changing disruption. The whole world is trying to replicate Silicon Valley, but the original is where the excitement really happens. We believe you can’t just download someone else’s experience – you must come here and get ready to leave a lot behind. In our FinTech tour you’ll put your forecast glasses on, engage in inspiring conversations, and embrace helpful insights to get a glimpse of the future.


1) Company visits

What are the legacy players doing in the FinTech space? How do they keep being inspiring and shaping the market? How do they deal with the stretch from ultra-low tech customer settings to high-tech change?

2) Meetups/Mixer

There’s a lot that can happen when people meet and talk. Become part of the community, and meet some interesting personalities “off the record.”

3) Academia

Gain an understanding of exponential growth strategies at Singularity University

4) Startups

Where does potential exist? What are the big ideas that will change the future of financial services?

December 4, 2017: Orientation

Orientation is a key, welcome to a space of different thinking. We’ll kick off with a casual breakfast and  an introduction. From there we’ll look deep into the industry with some traditional players,  like Western Union.

December 5, 2017: Startup Day

What do wild and curious minds think about the future of money? We’ll meet a few startups, have a deep conversation with a renowned FinTech advisor, and look into an accelerator.

December 6, 2017: Science and Thought Leaders Day

We’ll meet experts in Artificial Intelligence, Big Data, Cryptocurrency, Blockchain and all the good stuff. Learn about exponentially growing technologies and grand global challenges.

December 7, 2017: Silicon Valley Day

We’ll get to know the grand players of Silicon Valley. What do Facebook, Google and others think about the future of money? Do they have all the information they need to bring about real change? Thursday is the day to find out.

December 8, 2017: Community Day

You don’t get anywhere all by yourself. What does it mean to learn from the people you want to cater to? What’s behind the nebulous phrase, “Community comes first”? Learn from working spaces, business model builders and educators to close the week with a clear understanding of he past, present and future of FinTech.

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