How Retailers can survive the Retail Apocalypse

We’ve heard it over and over again: Retail is dying. Businesses are going bankrupt. Shopping centers and malls are closing. Customers prefer to do their shopping online. This may be true, however,  there are a number of smart companies that are adapting to changing conditions in retail. In our whitepaper we give you a detailed insight on how other companies successfully master the challenges in retail:

• Customer Experience Design: The offline and online worlds merge together. Retailers need to build customer experiences of theirs instead of selling space. ROSE BIKE or Kochhaus already show it: Comprehensive trained sales staff combined with new technologies such as AI and IoT beacons become the standard in the retail sector

• Customer Service: Shortened supply chains and a smooth checkout process are prerequisites for outstanding customer service. Companies like Amazon or Lufthansa have already implemented suitable measures

• Customization: Customized products replace mass production. Customers already expect products according to their wishes. Companies like adidas or IKEA show how it works.

• Personalization at Scale: Customer loyalty measures must go far beyond the conventional bonus programs. The sporting goods manufacturer Stadium or the StartUp HelloFresh sustainably increase the loyalty of their customers with targeted data analysis and innovative measures.

Download our white paper now, learn about the successful measures of other companies and develop your own measures to survive as a retailer in the long term.

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