Innovation Consulting

Innovation Day

On Innovation Day we identify key transformative trends over the next three years, explore their intended and unintended consequences, and look at how they can be met to create business opportunities.

Design Think Tank

Together with your team, we will proof and design different options to benefit from ecosystems: We scan potential partnership models and joint-ventures with successful startups. We also help you test and adapt your own ecosystem.

Intrapreneurship Program

Our Intrapreneurship Program enables your in-house talent to focus on the future of your organization by identifying new business opportunities and fostering them into market-readiness.

Stakeholder Management

Stakeholder management is vital. We assist your intrapreneurship team to create an environment that fosters innovation and implementation.

Lean Canvas Sprint

Our Lean Canvas Sprint will guide you through a structured process to identify the steps needed to successfully go from ideation to market. Your teams will learn and benefit from proven methods start-ups apply around the world.

Innovators Roadmap: from idea to reality

Help your organization leverage the best ideas by combining methods such as Lean Canvas, Design Thinking, communication and team-building interventions.

Hero - Entrepreneur in Residence Program

Hire a hero who helps guide you and keep everyone focused on the goal. Heros are experienced entrepreneurs with insight and capabilities from careers in startups and other innovative companies.

OS Canvas Sprint

Today’s challenges require new skills, structures, processes and other visionary concepts. We will examine your organization to identify roadblocks, bottlenecks, and destructive processes. We’ll then develop a blueprint with modern structure and new organizational design.

ExO Sprint

With ExO (Exponential Organization) Canvas we help aspiring corporations design highly-scalable businesses by leveraging new organizational techniques and accelerating technologies. ExO Spring guides organizations to embrace technology and implements new ways to scale, think, plan and operate.

Growth hacking

We help you to establish a growth hacking culture in your company, which is characterized by experiments and prototyping. This allows you to identify and apply innovative methods to be successful in the marketplace in the long term.