Innovations Tours

You want to understand the success of the Silicon Valley start ups? On our tours, we offer you the opportunity to take a look around yourself and get a glimpse of the Silicon Valley culture. Instead of taking you bus rides around Google campus and a lunch at Facebook, we’ll get you in touch with the game changers of the Valley to network and discuss the challenges and developments of the future of business.

Fintech & Insurtech

What does the future of FinTech and Insurtech look like? On our five-day tour, we will explore exponential growth technologies that are important for this industry. We’ll  connect you with industry experts and help you to understand the unique innovation culture of Silicon Valley. You’ll get to know founders, potential business partners and inspiring visionaries that will give you an idea of ​​how the Fintech and Insurtech industry will change in the future.

Healthcare & Medical Innovation

The future of healthcare isn’t just about the latest miracle drug. On this tour, you will learn how Augmented / Virtual Reality, 4D printing, the nanosciences and the Internet of Things are helping doctors and medical professionals treat and cure disease. In this three-day workshop you will visit innovative companies and speak to industry experts who give you a look into the future of healthcare.

Automotive Innovation

Electric cars and autonomous vehicles aren’t just a novelty anymore. With all this innovation, the automobile industry is facing some of their biggest challenges yet. Which brands will survive in the face of consumer changes and what is the future of the automobile? If you are interested in actively shaping the future of the auto industry, or simply bring that inspiration into your own industry, this tour is for you.

Big Data, IoT & AI

It is all about data. On this tour we learn about what happens to stored data and how to use data for exponential growth of your business. This three-day workshop will include in-depth discussions with industry experts. You will learn how to gain a deeper understanding of customers and societal trends with help of Big Data. Together we will develop innovative solutions to help solve the problems of your industry with the help of Big Data, IoT & AI.

Campus Tour

This tour gives you a deep insight into Silicon Valley. You will get to know innovative organizations and speak to some inspiring leaders. Unlike the other tours, we will not focus on a specific topic or industry. Instead, we will explore a variety of fields and have conversations with people from many professional backgrounds to get new ideas and learn how to advance your industry and your business.

Corporate Innovation Tour

What’s the next big thing? How will my company succeed in the future?  These questions may seem familiar to you or maybe you’re just excited to learn more about the innovation happening in Silicon Valley and how they are transforming entire industries. This tour is for you.

On the Corporate Innovation Tour, you will get to know the experts in your industry and get an insight into future developments when visiting innovative startups. This is the how you begin to shape the future of your company. We’ll put together your custom program from an industry-specific tour of Silicon Valley and workshops you need to achieve your business goals.

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