Join Us to Create the Future of Work

”Great things in business are never done by one person. They’re done by a team of people.” – Steve Jobs

Who we are

We help companies take advantage of rapid changes in technology, society and the workplace to create meaningful long-term success. We embed small teams of experts within companies to help transform them into agile, customer-centric, innovative organizations that are ready to face the future.

How we work

We think about work differently. We believe in:

  • Fluid networks instead of hierarchy: Our small team of experts join forces to help reshape rigid organizational charts into fluid networks for greater efficiency and cross-functional teamwork.
  • Responsibility and Autonomy: Decision making power stays within the team. Pursuing a common corporate goal, each team member has the autonomy to decide how to best achieve that goal.
  • Positive error culture & transparency: We believe we need to fail fast to grow. The team discusses mistakes and missteps openly with an emphasis on what was learned from the “failure.” This Information is communicated transparently throughout the organization with an eye on using the data to build for the future.
  • Customer Focus: A company that thrives focuses on solving and adapting to customer problems, not following rigid annual plans.
  • Lean Startup Mindset: Our work is based on the principles of the Lean Startup Method (Build. Measure, Learn). We use iterative, data-driven processes to build, measure and learn different strategies to help our customers transform their businesses.

Who you are

You are an expert who shares our vision and wants to use your skills and knowledge to achieve a common goal with a group of disparate professionals. You have a customer-centric mindset and a data-driven philosophy. You are flexible, business-minded, and a technology junkie who keeps up with the latest trends. Most of all, you believe that companies of the future need to adapt to survive in our ever-changing world.

Does this sound like you? Tell us why.

Send us a short e-mail to jobs[at]simplify-innovators[dot]com with your professional expertise and background and why you want to work with us.