Innovation Workshops

Our workshops prepare you for the future. All our workshops rely on a combination of learning and participation using interactive formats. In this way, we impart the latest theoretical foundations–with plenty of practical experience–and simultaneously work on real challenges from your day-to-day business. We believe every workshop should create noticeable added value to your business.

Innovation Barriers

Companies that want to increase their capacity for innovation should first understand what is holding them back. Innovation barriers come in different forms: sluggish organizational structures, lack of incentive systems, a conservative mindset, bad innovation paths, etc. In this workshop, we identify the innovation barriers that are currently holding back companies and develop initial solution scenarios.

Innovation Journey

During this time of massive digital transformation, companies are facing major challenges because innovation cycles are shorter than ever. During this workshop, we will explore the following: How can you continue to successfully run your core business while developing innovations that are capable of winning in the markets of tomorrow? How do you establish an innovation mindset? And how can this translate into suitable framework conditions? We’ll also compare the different innovation paths we find in practice and work with you to develop processes to successfully establish innovations in your company

Digital business models

The Internet has fundamentally changed how we develop successful business models. To be successful in the digital world, new modes of thinking and tools are needed. This includes skills in fields such as platform architecture, design for network effects, and UX-centric processes. In this workshop, you will learn what constitutes successful digital business models, how you design them and how to identify potential in your own market and company.

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