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The Future of Retail is Already Happening

A customer visits their local grocery store where they can research and purchase items using their mobile phone or order online the items they want and have it delivered within an hour. Another customer heads to the mall and can order an out-of-stock color and size of a shirt they tried on in the store using a virtual shelf kiosk. A young woman uses a magic mirror in the ladies restroom to see new colors and styles of cosmetics which can then be purchased from a vending machine. A small shopkeeper uses big data to make sure his convenience store is stocked with the items his clientele demand most and these customers can order ahead and pick it up on their way home. Sounds like an interesting shopping experience in the future? Well, in China, the future is now.

How Retailers Should Pivot to Survive the Retail Apocalypse

Retail customers expect a shopping experience that is tailored to their needs. What used to be a niche or high-end personalized experience is becoming the norm. Retailers who have not adapted or are slow to change will become part of retail history. But there is still time to adapt and become part of the future of retail. Successful adaptation can take many forms, including creating a space for interaction and adventure within the retail space itself. Some retailers provide space …